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The owners - Julie and Tony Upson – purchased Noor Wood in the autumn of 2012 and are personally undertaking to restore it back to a traditional working coppice. More on Coppicing

Before taking it on, Tony worked in facilities management in the City of London where he took an active role in environmental matters. Up to three hours a day were taken up by commuting by train. Julie combined caring for their two, now adult, children with her work as a palliative care nurse. She also ran her own business providing Stress Management Training to cancer support groups in Surrey and West Sussex. Julie and Tony also now work as volunteers for the National TrustJuli creates a barrier around a coppiced hazel to protect it from deer grazing on the new shoots

“Neither of us came from a woodland management background so, in the early days, it could sometimes be a bit daunting, especially when we considered how much there is to learn! We have always been interested in the countryside and conservation and have tried to live ‘the good life’ - keeping chickens, growing our own fruit and vegetables, learning traditional crafts, etc.. It is both exciting and life changing to be the custodians of Noor Wood, but it is especially rewarding to have the opportunity to finally work together on a project so close to our hearts”.

the peacock butterfly (Inachis io) hibernates over the winter and lays its eggs in springOne of our main objectives is to manage the wood for biodiversity i.e. to encourage and enhance a large variety of flora and fauna so that the Wood can be a species rich habitat and haven for wildlife. More on Biodiversity


There is never a shortage of things to occupy us (and keep us warm!) - from traditional wood skills and crafts, like dead-hedge laying and hurdle making, to cooking on an open fire, whittling, identifying and recording species, tree surveys, bracken clearing, tree felling, etc. – the list is endless! Most importantly, it enables us to relax and reconnect to Nature – something that is sadly lacking for many in the 21st Century.